Nurture What’s There: Where to Start in Culture and Race Relations

Hug more, smile more, greet all others in every gathering.  Say hello and goodbye, explicitly and with good cheer, even if it is just a wave.

In our analytical focus on objectivity, as we rush to identify problems to fix,  to use cleverness to devise solutions, uncover glitches and blocks to progress –  we under-emphasize the wondrous and thrilling sparkles we receive, every time we foray into worlds of others, for the exchange of different humans is the fun that encourages growth.

It’s not about politeness, or political correctness, it’s about showing in some way that others can see or hear, that we’re grateful, that we have been touched, cheered, inspired or even amused by gifts that others have devised in different cultures and histories as well as our own.   We make it easier to work together,  when we show when we find delight in a new word or approach, in the addition of movement awareness, or the value of patience.

The challenge of designing dynamic, living, communicating,  organizing and growing systems is complicated.  But everyone, high or low, brings some gift.

Dealing with so much complexity together, is easier when people show how or when we are impressed and appreciative – even briefly,  but clearly.  An open hug, a smile, a thumbs up.  For in all the changes in this century, and all the analysis and rush, our criticism may be clear, while our appreciation is not obvious to others, many will misunderstand, without our signal.

Often, we are surrounded by plenty of pain, anger, sadness, loss, fear.  Many great ideas emerge, about how things should have been or should now be improved.  Many mistakes have been made, some with vast consequences.

But building courage and time to work on learning new solutions, involves a day-to-day process.  We learn as we go and as we grow – in different ways, with different memories, understandings, different energy levels, and patterns of communicating – in English or other languages.  Different generations witness different events, as society has changed, with some changes much more disruptive or rapid, or more openly visible than others.

We  need all our ways to meditate, sing, dance, write or pray, to  integrate and sift, and appreciate new understandings and opportunities as time evolves.

More than solutions, however needed, we need and value each other’s company,  along the road.