NAACP tells Trump stay away from Civil Rights Museum Opening

I think there is no doubt that Trump’s words and actions have fueled racist sentiment and policies in this country – but how on earth can we find ways to help someone like him get more educated, if we don’t let him visit important museums that face African American history?

Major dilemma, of course, since he uses every place he visits as an opportunity to promote himself, and it is an insult for him to continue to do this. Speaking up matters! Maybe even being bold and taking a stand to bar him – I’m not God, I don’t know all the best ways to reach and teach the masses of people in white worlds, who have lived for centuries without recognizing the harm their machines and ignorance and presumptions of guilt and lack in African peoples have skewed the understanding of a wide world, who don’t expect to negotiate with all voices of Africans in planning changes that impact them, and include their views on what impacts the whole world and planet.

I was lucky to learn about African American culture starting without the standard assumptions taught in history books, because I grew up in Canada, and only had been taught British history, for the most part! When I happened to get a school bus driving job in the city, just when Busing Desegregation implementation was new, I was present at a particular time in history of cultural and racial dealing with each other, and the reaction of northern cities was cruel to them – caught up in their own resentment about being told what to do by wealthier classes, groups of whites combined all issues together into the refusal to condemn those in their communities who thre rocks at busloads of children. But codes of silence and fear of discussing topics with assumed antagonists – might delay confrontations, but they magnify them, for issues can be better resolved with prompt attention – and compassion, and the understanding that longstanding changes were needed, not ones that shifted with every political election year. Compassion is needed for the years when white people were so unfamiliar, and separation seemed the best solution to many – so they did not look twice.

An elder white woman told me once, that she could not understand how so much harm and hate could be gathered in Germany without a public uproar – but then she noted, that living in one suburb – she can’t even keep up with events happening in the next towns over. Thus, people can miss realities of others lives – and later, blamed for missing them, can react in resentment for being blamed.

There’s some truth in that feeling, for all of us have areas of ignorance in life, about circumstances that derail others completely, play into historic or family issues that need attention, guidance, support, but are left with only blame. Those who leave home for work, can find themselves on the outside for understanding issues at home.

Our mobile world can benefit from help, greater visibility, with better explanations of history, and ideas of better alternatives. I feel like a preacher, but see there is so much preventable sadness. But instead of realizing that we do not need universal and uniform educational or even legal standards, we need educators to learn how to listen to people whose issues are different, and who can benefit from help in different ways,

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got for now. It’s a sad situation, where Americans have had the debatable luxury of living in isolation from groups different from them – who now find that the others did not disappear, they needed help, and welcome – and instead found blame, mistrust too often without cause, misunderstanding of communication differences, and rocks.

NO – one more thing – MAYBE – if Trump agreed to go to the Mississippi museum opening as a private citizen, without media, maybe that could improve the process of adding perspective to his education.

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